With decades of pratical experience in chemical and metallurgical industrial plants as well as other production processes, we are YOUR partner for a successful implementation. We support you in the implementation of smaller conception upgradings to the optimization of production/facilites and processes. Your satisfaction is our main focus.


For you, we take care of:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Design planning
  • Development of automation concepts
  • Approximation of the profitability (cost-benefit analysos)
  • Preparation of approval and implementation planning (statistics, implementation plans, planning for BIm Sch, the German emissions Standards law)
  • Workshop planning (workshop drawing, parts list, cutting lists, welding-related planning)
  • Assembly planning (assembly technologies, use of lifting devices)
  • Compiling of documentations (inventory documentation)
  • Continuous feedback between planning and order Placement for process optimization
  • Application development and optimization for facilities, technical Interfaces and processes
  • Product- and production-related optimization
  • Coordination of demand takers
    Industrial assembly


    Serving the customer with a flexible staff deployment  and a short reaction time, we support you in your project. On the basis of our certified quality and security Management, in combination with the high qualification standards among our staff, we guarantee you a project implementation on time and with the required quality.

    Dedication and highest service quality for:

    • Assembly and disassembly of industrial engineered faciliites
    • Installation of new machines
    • Assembly of production lines
    • Transfer of machines and facilities
    • Preventive maintenance and control of machines „Maintenance with a system“
    • Controlled dissambly for scrapping
    • Construction and documentation
    • Installation with accompanying piping
    • Support for launching
      Metal and Special machinery construction

      Metal is vERSATILE – AND SO ARE WE!

      Based on our certified quality and service Management, we create versatile products which are tailor-made for your wishes and requirements. We not only offer the new construction, but also the Extension and optimization of existing products and facilities. Depending on the requirements and the design, we process stell, Aluminium, stainless stell, but also copper, brass or plastic.

      Our know-how:

      • Consulting and engineering
      • Steel construction with strenghthening and statics
      • Technical documentation
      • Acceptance documentation
      • Adaption of facilities and process extensions
      • Tank construction in steel and plastic (German Water Resources Act)
      • Pressure vessel construction in stainless steel and steel (PED/ HPO)
      • Construction of railings and balconies
      • Steel staircases, steel halls and steel platforms (EN1090)
      • Maintenance of special industrial facilities
        • Screw conveyors
        • Compressors
        • Blowers
        • Agitators
          Piping construction

          WHATEVER media and FluidS, wE Transport THEM

          With our 24 years of specific know–how in piping construction, we can solve complex tasks as well.

          Our core comptence lies in the chemical and petrochemical industry for media as:

          • Alkalis / acids
          • Gases / dusts / granulates
          • Combustible and non-combustible fluids
          • Water / vapor

          Our Services include Underground piping construction, including the coordination of subcontractors for municipal providers with a focus on

          • Gas and water distribution – GW301
          • District heating

          We dispose of all the necessary certificates and credentials for the construction of standard pipes up to the pipes made of the latest materials of the steel and plastics sector.

          With our specialized knowledge we support you in the selection of the right material for your specific application. While selecting the material we take into account: the physical exposure to pressure and temperature as well as the chemical exposure inside and outside relating to corrosion resistances in case of aggressive media or external influences.

          We process piping materials made of:

          • Unalloyed steels
          • Low-alloyed steels (heat resistant)
          • High-alloyed steels (CrNi steels)
            • high-temperature resistant
            • corrosion-resistant
          • Copper and copper alloys
          • Nickel alloys
          • Thermoplastics
            • PE
            • PP
            • PVC
            • PVDF
          • Glas fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) with an inliner made of PE, PP