System-Instandsetzung und Service GmbH (SIS) – an industrial service company, deeply rooted in a Region steeped in history

The beginning of energy production out of domestic Lignite in 1894, consisting of five Steinmüller steam boilers and four Schuckert Dynamo Generators also meant the beginning of the history of energetic maintenance. The System-Instandsetzung und Service GmbH (SIS) spinned off out of this complex on January 1st 1993 with 46 employees.


The dramatic growth of the demand for energy, due in particular to the development of the chemical industry on the site of  Bitterfeld – Wolfen, meant that the energetic basis until 1989 took on a huge dimension, which of course also demanded an important repair services.


The growing age of the energy facilities and the increasingly difficult procurement of spare parts required highest levels of expertise, flexibility and above all talent for Improvisation from the technical employees.
Out of it evolved a staff with a high level of craftmanship and skills, which to a large extent contributed to securing the energy supply of the chemical and metallurgical plants.

In 1989, 350 employees were working for the maintenance of the mechanical facilities including the piping systems. The SIS GmbH could build upon this foundation and become active with a core staff which complied to the requirements in quality, punctuality and an attractive price-performance ratio as the basis for service orders by clients in the chemical and metallurgical industry.


Little by Little, the staff numbers increased to 60 today and within the framework of qualifications, certifications and other licences such as

  • DVGW (German association for gas and water)
  • PED (Pressure Equipment directive; AD 2000)
  • Quality management
  • Buildigung supervision
  • Welding specialists
  • WHG (Water resources act)
  • Leser safety valves

the SIS GmbH is now, after 24 years of activity, a recognized partner in the region.